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"It's versatile, it's so easy to use, and honestly a huge part of our daily environment. We can use it for almost all our tests - power, reactivity, even things like ground contact times and what I love is that it can be used in the weight room too. Everything has been backed by research so I know there's validity to the data and pair that with how easy it organizes everything - it's a great tool."

–Les Spellman 


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We use Output on a frequent basis to track and monitor our athlete tests like CMJ (power), RSI (Reactivity), and aSLR (mobility). It also has a readiness feature that allows us to monitor how are athletes are feeling each time they get tested.

Output is easy to use and versatile - giving us a seamless way to analyze and view all of our data whether we're on the field, at our facility, or in the weight room. All we need is the sensor and our phones and we're able to test everything we need to with our athtetes at every level.

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OUTput Features

Versatile Testing

With OUTPUT's portability, you can test athletes wherever they are: in the weight room, on the field, at home, or in your facility. 

Efficient Data Analyzation

OUTPUT is a faster, cheaper, and more efficient way to test, analyze, report and program athletic performance - all in a single platform and sensor.

Real Time Leaderboards

Motivate athletes and create buy in with OUTPUT'S real time feedback and leaderboards, synced directly to your device from your athlete's sensor.

Seamless Programming

Create and deliver workouts and programs for athletes to complete through the OUTPUT app, right on their device to make in-person sessions productive and remote sessions seamless.