Performance Center Schedule & Plans

All training takes place at Proteus Athlete 12171 World Trade Dr, San Diego, CA 92128. See which option below fits for you: 

Middle School, Ages 12-14

6-7 PM

We offer two training groups for middle schoolers:

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 

*1x or 2x/week options available

All skill & experience levels welcome! 

High School, Ages 15 & Up

7-8 PM

We offer two training groups for high school athletes:

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 

*1x or 2x/week options available

All skill & experience levels welcome! 

Football Academy, Ages 14 & Up

6:30-8 PM

The Football Academy is specialized for football athletes. We offer one training group for the Football Academy:

Monday & Thursday 

All skill & experience levels welcome! 

Athletes We've Trained...

500+ Pros, 250+ College, 10,000+ High School

Now we want to train YOU. All skill levels, ages, genders, and sports welcome. 

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Athlete Testimonials

Catarina Macario

Professional Soccer Player

I started working with Les when I was 14. I could tell by his personality, by the light… Read more

Trevion Adcox

Senior, Santa Fe Christian Football

If you're trying to become the best athlete you can, you need to get out here. It's a great… Read More

Eli Alsop

Sophomore, Poway Football and Track

I really enjoy the environment. All of the coaches bring great energy and help me get… Read More


Performance Center Membership

In-person training with Spellman Performance along with a Speed Lab assessment. Improve the following aspects of your speed game:

  Top Speed
  Change of Direction



(1x/week options available)

 Group 1: Monday & Wednesday
  Group 2: Tuesday & Thursday
  Year Round

Start today with 1 FREE training session

All training takes place at Proteus Athlete: 12171 World Trade Dr, San Diego, CA 92128

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At Spellman Performance, we're a family. Training at the Performance Center, you'll be treated as such! We are PASSIONATE about helping athletes from all backgrounds achieve their dreams and reach their full potential. Whether you're a middle schooler hoping to make the team, a high schooler looking to play in college, or just want a community of people that will push you to grow athletically and as a person: The Spellman Performance Center is for you. 

Our team of coaches have trained some of the best athletes in the world, including dozens of NFL athletes, Olympians, and other professionals. We'll take the principles, systems, and training research that we've learned from training the best, and create a plan, program, and atmosphere that allows you to hit your goals, improve your performance, and truly feel like you're part of the Spellman family. 


Who can train at the Spellman Performance Center?

Short answer: Anyone! We are eager to accept athletes of all age, skill, and experience levels from any sport. If you don't play a sport and want to come train you're still welcome. We are looking for athletes that are hungry, that have a great work ethic, that want to get BETTER and that want to have a good time training with us. Those are the only requirements! 

What will the training be like?

The coaches at the Spellman Performance Center have trained some of the top athletes in the world, but don't let that intimidate you. Part of what makes our coaches great is their ability to relate, communicate effectively, and make training FUN. You'll get pushed, you'll be required to work HARD, but nothing will be assigned that you can't handle. The goal is to improve your performance and we'll make sure you enjoy doing it. Training will consist of a series of technical and physical drills with the goal of improving speed, acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction. Ultimately, the training is meant to help you perform better during competition. 

How will I know if I'm improving?

Athletes will be consistently tested using laser and gps technology and each athlete will get access to their own speed profile in the Universal Speed Rating. You'll be able to track results, progress, and competition with other athletes training in the area and around the country! 

What does the registration process look like?

After payment is complete, you'll be added into the Academy on site the first day of your training.