Soccer Speed Blueprint

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A soccer player accelerates and decelerates 70+ times in an average soccer match.

Influencing how athletes accelerate and decelerate can help them access a higher % of max speed sooner so they can get to the ball faster, beat a defender, and ultimately gain an advantage.

You'll learn how to get your athletes to create serious separation on the field from some of the world's best. Start the Soccer Speed Blueprint today.

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  • How to apply speed training principles to in-game performance
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  • Soccer specific drills that help improve speed
  • How to create an effective performance calendar for your athletes


Surf Soccer  •  USMNT  •  San Diego Force Soccer  •  Philadelphia Union  •  Alyssa Thompson, USWNT  •  Catarina Macario, USWYNT  •  Jaedyn Shaw, USWNT

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San Diego Force Soccer
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With years of research and experience from professional coaches, trainers, and players:

Les Spellman

Elite Speed Coach

One of America's elite speed performance coaches, Les has trained several Olympians as well… Read More

Darcy Norman

Professional Soccer Consultant

Darcy has worked in the human performance industry for the last 25 years with some of the… Read More

Samuel Philip

The Technique Trainer, Pro Technique Coach

Samuel Philip is a Professional Technique Coach currently based in Southern California.… Read More

Elizabeth Eddy

Professional Soccer Player, Angel City FC

Elizabeth Eddy is a professional soccer player known for her versatility on the field.… Read More

Soccer Speed Blueprint

What's inside?

This is a digital course with 5 distinct modules built for performance and soccer coaches who work with soccer athletes
and wants to help influence their play on the field. 

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Module 1 - Introduction

Hear you'll learn the background, research, and the foundation of why this course was built and what outcomes you'll uncover throughout.  

Learning outcome: Understand why this course came to be and why it will transform your coaching.

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Module 2 - Why Speed is Important for Soccer

What is speed and why is it valuable to the sport of soccer? How can speed be developed? Learn the direct impact that speed has on the sport of soccer as well as the speed demands an average soccer player may face. 

Learning Outcome: Understand the important role speed plays on the sport of soccer and how you can start to give your soccer players a significant edge. 

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Module 3 - Drills & Application

Learn the art of coaching speed, specifically for soccer athletes. Uncover drills that you can implement in your training for warmup, acceleration, max velocity, deceleration, and change of direction. 

Learning Outcome: Practice drills that you can start implementing right away specifically for your soccer athletes. 

5 Weekly Templates Lead Magnet


Module 4 - Building a Performance Calendar

Get insight on how to build your own performance calendar for testing, data collection, programming, strength, in-season, and off-season scheduling. Built in a practical way so you can implement with your athletes no matter your level or setting. 

Learning Outcome: How to build on your current training schedule by implementing a proven performance calendar to help your athletes improve year round. 

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Module 5 - Closing

See what next steps you can take right away to start making a significant difference in your athlete's on-field performance. 

Learning Outcome: Take immediate application and ensure you know what next steps you need to take to start transforming your soccer athletes today. 

Case Study

Surf Soccer x Spellman Performance

In July of 2023, after 4 months of training with Spellman Performance, the Surf Soccer boys had:

  • 20 players joined the 20mph club
  • 2 players hit 21mph
  • 3 National Championship Victories
Case Study



Cat Macario has been using the Spellman speed system for the past 10+ years.

She consistently trained speed 2-3 times a week and recently ran 20mph at 22 years old.

By adding speed to her toolbox, she became a standout at Stanford University and won the Herman Trophy for best women's soccer player in the country.

She is now an Adidas Athlete and key player for Chelsea FC.

Case Study

Elizabeth EddY

Angel City FC

Elizabeth Eddy has been using the Spellman speed system for the past 3+ years. 

She originally met Les and the team when preparing for the NWSL 30m time test back in 2020 and has been able to improve her top speed from 17mph to 19mph. 

Elizabeth says "speed is the one thing that separates, so if you lock in and stick to the plan, you can't help but get better & it will show on the field." 



Q1. How much does the course cost?

The Soccer Speed Blueprint is $199. It includes 5 video based modules. 


Soccer Speed Blueprint is a one time purchase for unlimited access. You'll be able to refer to the drill library and all the videos inside the course forever.


Soccer Speed Blueprint was created for coaches who want to learn how to implement effective training methods with their soccer athletes in order to improve acceleration, speed, and in-game performance.