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Unlocking dreams for youth athletes and inspiring the next generation. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to positively change the lives of young athletes by training with us and joining our family of dedicated athletes

Who We've Trained

We've trained a number of athletes from their youth days up until they became pros and want to continue giving opportunities to more young athletes that don't have the means for training. 

How you can help

Impact the lives of young athletes by making a one time donation, becoming a monthly donor, or sharing our cause with your network. 

Ways to get involved

Make a donation

If you'd like to be apart of helping a young athlete
achieve their dream, make a donation below

*Donations of any size are accepted.

Apply for Scholarship

If you're an athlete that wants the opportunity to train at the
Spellman Performance Center, fill out the application.

*Deadline to Apply is December 18th. 

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Athlete Testimonials

Athletes that train at the Spellman Performance Center for at least 2 years have a near perfect success rate of reaching the next level. 

Trevion Adcox

"If you're trying to become the best athlete you can, you need to get out here. It's a great environment that pushes you to compete and give your all. The Spellman team has helped me improve my speed, agility, change of direction and has helped me compete against better competition."

Trevion Adcox

Santa Fe Christian Football
Catarina Macario

"I started working with Les when I was 14. I could tell by his personality, by the light that he has, that I was with the right person. I knew I could achieve my dreams with him, and that is exactly what happened. I've broken nearly every record at Stanford University's Soccer Program and got the opportunity to play with the US Women's National Soccer Team. I know for certain I would not be where I am right now if it wasn't for Spellman Performance"

Catarina Macario

Professional Soccer Player
Eli Alsop Headshot - 930 x 620

"I really enjoy the environment. All of the coaches bring great energy and help me get better. If you want to become a better athlete and go somewhere with sports in your future, this is the place to be."

Eli Alsop

Poway Football & Track

What is the Spellman Scholarship?

Les Spellman, having spent six years dedicated to fine tuning the skills of 56 Olympic and 47 NFL athletes, realized the importance of nurturing the youth community at the grassroots level. Our mission is to pour into our developing young athletes and witness the key moments of their early achievements. 

Returning to San Diego, we are committed to providing scholarships for young athletes to train at our performance center. Our goal is to foster their growth, instill the values of dedication and perseverance, and help them accomplish personal achievements as they develop throughout their athletic journey. We're on this mission because we want to witness the excitement of those early wins and special milestones in an athlete's journey. 

Join us in making these moments of greatness possible for the next generation of athletes. Together, we'll shape a brighter future for sports and the young stars who are just beginning to shine.