Learning about Speed. . .Right Now!

How do you learn as a coach? How do you grow?
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Here are the 5 books I have in constant rotation, and one that I'm currently reading. 
Books in Constant Rotation
 8 Vector System by Jordan Nieuwsma 
“A simplified approach to preparing for the Chaos of Sport”
The 8 vector system is: Performance prep (Warm-up), speed, change of direction speed, agility, power, strength, Energy System Development (Aerobic Conditioning), Injury Rehabilitation
A common theme you’ll notice with the books referenced today is that they’re digestible. This will make things that you pick up a lot easier to implement.
 Governing Dynamics of Coaching by James Smith 
“This book was created to serve as an educational resource for aspiring coaches, existing coaches, people who hire coaches, the people who hire the people who hire coaches, academia, and sports media”
This one is slightly more educational.
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Mechanics of Sprinting and Hurdling by Ralph Mann
Les has talked about the impact Dr. Ralph Mann has had on his coaching career in the past. So you know his work had to be shared here.
This book looks to identify the characteristics of great sprinters & hurdlers that have been biomechanically analyzed from Dr. Mann’s work with the USATF.
Learning to Optimize Movement by Rob Gray 
This book “explores the evidence-based principles for learning and coaching optimal movement”. It’s another great one to learn about “movement” in general and how to improve it.
Biomechanics of Sprinting by Dan Cleathe
This book is extremely easy to digest! Dan talks about the last 30 years of sprinting related research and helps explain what is happening when an athlete runs at top speed.
So many good drops of knowledge in here that help understand the why behind certain coaching cues & instructions.
What I'm currently reading right now. . .
Takeoff by Daniel Bove 
I absolutely loves this one! It’s simple and entertaining. Our team goes through each of the chapters together and it’s been such a cool thing we’ve done to keep learning together.
We use CMJ testing as part of our regular training and this book dives into this and more with tons of visuals, data, etc. It’s really insightful. 
If you’re interested in leveling up your coaching knowledge we highly recommend that you check-out the books listed above.
Interested in our testing practices when training? Check out the USR Level 1 Certification here if you want the fundamentals. It dives into an applicable way you can test and monitor your athletes.