Spellman Performance Uses Universal Speed Rating with 100+ Athletes at Togethership Sports Academy

The Togethership Academy is a revolutionary middle school geared toward helping hyper-focused student-athletes achieve every advantage possible to reach their goals on and off the court and field.

The vision from Devin Quinn, founder of Togethership was to create a school that kids were excited to come to that offered a holistic experience.

“The goal of The Togethership is to help each student physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This will create a better athlete, and most importantly a better human being.”
Devin Quinn, Founder of Togethership

Devin knew that creating better humans would create better athletes. He needed to find the right partner to help get Togethership up and running so they could get to the heights they wanted to reach.

That’s when Spellman Performance stepped in. Togethership had found the partner that could help get them there.

The problem?

One area of performance the Togethership athletes were lacking was speed development. This was affecting the overall performance on the field/court, and ultimately, the success of the teams.

Spellman Performance was able to help close this gap, by offering their comprehensive speed and performance training, backed by data, powered by the Universal Speed Rating.

The Spellman Performance team is complete with USR Certified performance coaches with an abundance of experience training athletes of all levels.

“Spellman Performance and Togethership have found great success largely due to shared vision, and shared values.”

says Dylan Carrion, Co-founder of Spellman Performance and one of the lead performance coaches on the ground working with the Togethership athletes.

Both Spellman Performance and Togethership are on a mission to improve the speed and performance of youth athletes, while creating well-rounded human beings along the way.

“We’ve taken all of the information from the Spellman team and their expertise on speed and movement, and applied it to every aspect of our training. Doing things bio mechanically the right way, whether in the weight room, on the field, how we recover… it can all be tied back to Spellman’s model.”
Devin Quinn, Founder of Togethership

The result so far?

Spellman Performance is now in year 3 of working with the Togethership athletes and each year has seen athletes improve their peak speed by an average of over 1 MPH. This was the kind of vision Devin had when the partnership formed, and it’s safe to say that this partnership will continue for years to come.

For those that don't use MPH when measuring speed, improving by 1 MPH is a huge increase, especially for a youth athlete. This could be the difference in stopping a fast break, getting past the defense, or gaining an explosive edge against the competition.

More on the results later though, let’s find out what’s making this all possible…

How has Spellman Performance been so effective at Togethership?

There have been two key factors in the success of the speed improvements that the Togethership athletes have seen:

  1. Spellman Performance’s expertise developing speed

  2. Utilization of the Universal Speed Rating platform

“We had to create a brand new framework conceptually based on where the athletes are starting from. At the middle school level, each athlete is in a different place physically when we begin training. We test each athlete on day 1 to see what physical limitations they have and then build on our programming from there to ensure the athletes are set up to see the best result.”
Dylan Carrion, Co-founder of Spellman Performance

This framework isn’t just built to improve linear speed. Throughout the training process, the athletes are taught how each drill applies to their specific sport.

As USR Certified performance coaches, the Spellman team teaches the Togethership athletes how their speed will translate to game scenarios. This helps increase engagement and helps the athletes understand the importance of their training in tangible ways.

Testing and then monitoring the athlete data is the other key area of training that makes this partnership successful. This is all made possible through the Universal Speed Rating.

“The Universal Speed Rating powers everything we do at the Togethership. It gives us a single platform to track the athlete’s performance and gives each athlete a digital profile to keep track of their speed data. Each athlete can set their goals, see their improvement, and compete with their teammates around them.”
Dylan Carrion, Co-founder of Spellman Performance

Hear one Togethership athlete’s take on it:

Leveraging the Universal Speed Rating within the programming has been a crucial part of the Spellman Performance partnership. It's helped produce exactly what Devin was looking for when he was envisioning where this partnership could take Togethership:

In partnership with Spellman Performance and the Universal Speed Rating, Togethership has seen sustained success when it comes to developing speed, leading to better performance out of their athletes.

With hundreds of athletes in the Togethership community inside the Universal Speed Rating’s platform, there’s a growing leaderboard for each new class of Togethership athletes looking to make their mark in the record books.

Increased motivation and effort, along with faster athletes that know how to translate their speed to their sport is everything Devin and the Togethership team could have dreamed of when this partnership kicked off.

So far through year 3, the average MPH improvement is over 1 MPH across 120 Togethership athletes. Below you'll find a list of the top 10 through the first half of the year.

If you are interested in learning how to implement these systems in your program, check out our course, How to Build a Speed Training System

Togethership ​Year 3 Top 10 MPH Improvement to date:

Anthony Sanchez 2.11
Liam Gonzalez 2.09
Theo Bennett 2.05
Marley Bemus 2.01
Ryan Carpenter 1.96
Talon Spencer 1.83
Sam Fredericksen 1.82
Max Smaldino 1.75
Cruz Mendez 1.76
Cruz Mendez 1.63