Steal these Acceleration & Max Velocity Templates

Jordan Collins Fitness USR Speed Lab - _DSC4318

I want to share a few templates we use for Accel and Max Velocity days. I’m hoping you find them helpful. We’ve tried them and seen them be effective for us, so feel free to steal these for your training.

Here’s the accel template:

accel template

I’ll go through our dynamic, vertical, and horizontal series first.

I do just about all my coaching in complex 1. When I get to the second complex where it’s the resisted and free runs, I do no coaching. I just let them go, let them run. 

Max Velocity has similar complexes as above. I’ll do vertical series and dribble series instead of horizontal. Same as before, I do just about all my coaching during complex 1. 

Here’s the template:

max v template

We use these all year, just in different volumes and qualities. But the base nearly always stays in the same vein. 

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