Spellman Partners with Catapult Sports for Go To Athlete Performance & Load Management System

Spellman Performance, a leading speed development company is thrilled to announce an official partnership with Catapult Sports, a renowned name in athlete monitoring technology.

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This partnership makes Catapult the exclusive athlete monitoring partner used by Spellman Performance.

Spellman Performance trains athletes individually from all levels, as well as in team settings local to Southern California and across the world. Catapult plays a huge role in ensuring the success of these athletes by providing the Spellman coaches valuable insight that assists in load management, injury risk reduction, and optimized performance. 

“I’ve used all sorts of athlete monitoring systems in the past, but Catapult stands alone with the in-depth reporting, analytics, and overall usability. Getting to partner with a company that has a reputation like Catapult, and a product that backs up their credibility is a huge win for our team and our clients. I’m excited to be partnered with Catapult and will look forward to spreading this message to other coaches around the world.” 

- Les Spellman, Founder of Spellman Performance

Catapult’s athlete monitoring technology is known for its best-in-class data accuracy and has been used by some of the elite teams, leagues, and organizations across the world. This partnership will leverage Catapult’s expert data tracking capability and Spellman’s ability to effectively apply the data from Catapult GPS into a team setting, giving key insights to help inform proper training decisions. 

“A partnership with the Spellman Performance team is the perfect fit for our companies that have a shared vision of helping teams unleash their potential.” said Mike Kratochwill, Marketing Executive at Catapult. “We’re eager to start working with more of Spellman’s clients and can’t wait to continue helping athletes excel through the use of our technology going forward.” 

The Spellman team has been working closely with Catapult data at the collegiate level with the University of Arizona, with local high schools in the San Diego area, as well as throughout their individual training. The team is looking forward to making Catapult their go-to partner for all future clients. 

If you are interested in learning more about how Spellman Performance uses Catapult, or you’d like to learn more about introducing Catapult into your organization, click here.