Spellman Performance partners with San Diego Surf Soccer, the nation's premier youth soccer club

Spellman Performance partners

Spellman Performance, a speed performance company that has helped over 10,000 athletes get faster across various sports, backgrounds, and skill levels has recently formed a long-term partnership with San Diego Surf Soccer, one of the nation's top competitive soccer clubs.

San Diego Surf Soccer has set itself apart as one of the premier soccer clubs by producing:

  • 12 National Championships

  • 29 Regional Championships

  • 157+ National Team Players

  • 1k+ Athletic Scholars

  • 50 Affiliate Clubs Nationwide

Surf's mission to create "Best of the best experiences and opportunities for youth soccer players," made working with the Spellman Performance team for speed training a strategic move that hopes to pay dividends across the entire organization.

For now, over 200 athletes on Surf's Boys ECNL teams will get the opportunity to get faster with Spellman's speed training.

"I'm thrilled that our teams now get the opportunity to receive training from the Spellman Performance team. Faster athletes give us a distinct advantage on the pitch, and I'm looking forward to seeing the work we put in with Spellman translate to the field."
Danny Tonks, ECNL Boys Head Coach

With a proven track record of effectively improving in-game speed for athletes of all ages; Spellman Performance is thrilled to get the opportunity to work with a club as serious about improving as Surf.

"The opportunity to work with an organization like Surf Soccer was an easy choice. They've proven time and again that they are serious about producing high-quality soccer players and helping to send them to the next level. After the work we've been doing with the USMNT, it's clear how impactful speed can be in the sport of soccer, and our team can't wait to start training some of the most competitive youth soccer players around."
Les Spellman, Founder, Spellman Performance

This partnership aims to help bring another competitive advantage to the San Diego Surf Soccer athletes by implementing Spellman Performance's proven speed development programming, securing their stake as one of the most successful clubs in the country.