Spellman Partners with VALD SmartSpeed Timing Gates as Go To System

Spellman Performance, a leading provider of speed performance training, is thrilled to announce a partnership with VALD Performance, a global leader in sports science and technology. 

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This strategic partnership makes VALD the exclusive hardware partner for Timing Gate Systems used by Spellman Performance. 

On a yearly basis, the Spellman team trains thousands of athletes, from youth to professional levels. This collaboration will help empower athletes, coaches, and sport organizations with accurate and reliable tools to measure and test athletes in order to improve performance. 

"I've tried almost every timing gate on the market, and it's clear that VALD SmartSpeed Timing Gates set themselves at the top. The automatic integration with our existing data hub saves our team a ton of time with accurate data management and allows us to test athletes frequently and effectively, even with large groups. I’m thrilled to be associated with a partner like Vald and am excited to spread the word to other coaches and trainers around the world."

 - Les Spellman, Founder and Elite Speed Coach

VALD Performance, known for its state-of-the-art sports science equipment, shares Spellman’s dedication to innovation and performance excellence. This partnership will leverage VALD’s expertise in performance measurement technology and Spellman’s reputation for delivering top-tier speed training solutions to athletes and coaches everywhere. 

“We are excited to join forces with Spellman Performance to drive innovation in the sports performance industry,” said Laurie Malone, CEO of VALD Performance. “Together, we are excited to push both companies forward and will continue to help athletes and coaches across the globe unlock their full potential.” 

The integration of VALD Performance SmartSpeed Timing Gates into Spellman Performance’s offerings will enable precise measurement of speed, acceleration, and more, providing valuable insights to improve performance, as well as open the door for additional data insights for the Spellman Performance team. 

If you are interested in learning more about how Spellman Performance uses VALD SmartSpeed Timing Gates, or if you’d like to learn more about introducing SmartSpeed Timing Gates into your organization, click here, or simply input your email below and VALD will reach out soon.